How do I get involved in the EdX project?

How do I get involved in the EdX project?

Firstly, whether it is as an investor, early adopter, well wisher, a suggestion or a takeover bid, PLEASE get in touch!  We want you to be involved in the project in any shape or form! The more of us on this EdX journey the more pleasant it will be and we want to share the success and ensure as many people prosper from this project as possible!

There are many ways in which you can get involved in the EdX project and those who participate in the community will be compensated for their hard work. The following are possible ideas of things that you could do to get involved with the project;

  • Follow the community on all social media channels and share content, create memes, create competitions, airdrops and speak positively about the project.
  • Suggest ideas to develop the project and optimise its growth.
  • Create your own groups on a social media channels that has not been created yet.
  • Create videos to promote the EdX token and upload to various broadcasting channels like youtube
  • Share EdX to your friends and followers on your social media channels, remember the more you share the more you will receive
  • Talk to your local school to get involved
  • Get any of your friends who are educators to get involved in the EdX community
  • Buy EdX and HODL!

EdX Champions

EdX Champions are those individuals who have gone the extra mile and have contributed to the development of the EdX Community. If you are on the list and depending on the number of stars you have you will be rewarded with a share of 1 Billion EdX tokens at the time at which we launch on our first Exchange.

The EdX participation index will be updated on a daily basis so keep getting involved! If you feel you should be on this list let us know by getting in contact.

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