The Number of early adopters that now own EdX Tokens: 6210

How to purchase EdX Tokens?

There are several ways in which you can get hold of EdX tokens and in each case, you will have access to a digital wallet to securely hold and manage your EdX.

Token Info:
  • Symbol: EdX
  • Total Supply: 100,000,000,000
  • Exchange: 1 EdX = 0.2 TRX
  • Min Purchase: 500 TRX / 1,500 EdX

It is very simple to purchase EdX tokens. The easiest way is to contact or @edxcommunity and a direct wallet deposit exchange can be arranged.


Alternatively, please see the 4 easy steps below to get hold of some EdX;

  1. Open your wallet or create a new wallet on the website.
  2. First, you will have to buy some TRX using the “Buy TRX” link at the bottom of your main wallet/accounts page.
  3. TRX can be purchased directly with Fiat or other Crypto-Currencies without a stock exchange. It uses a service from and is the easiest and fastest way to purchase TRX.
  4. Once you have sufficient TRX in your account go to the Tron Exchange and Buy and Sell EdX.

buy digital currency

The website and the EdX community does not offer financial advice and you are highly advised to do your own research before you decide to purchase any tokens from the tronscan website.

If you have any problems please contact or @edxcommunity who can guide step by step through the process.


How to Use your EdX?

Users of Twitter and Telegram have access to @goseedit, enabling them to easily send and receive the EdX token. For more information on “how to use @goseedit” on Twitter and Telegram please see below.

how to use goseedit       how to use goseedit on telegram


Can I Trade my EdX?

Yes on the TRONSCAN DEX.